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Fight with your Ultimate sayan and destroy enemies


- Easy and Simple to play

- amazing animations

- Cool skill design and effect

- Flexible moving and game play

- A lot of challenges and stages

The games are quite different from the often-compared Budokai series; they use a "behind-the-back" third-person camera perspective. Also different from the xenoverse and Budokai series, each form is treated as its own character, with varying stats, movesets and fighting styles

The simple goal is to fight the opposing ninjas and to win by reducing their health to zero. There are special techniques and jutsus that can be used. Some characters feature the ability to activate special mode by inflicting the special techniques which enhances their status and gives them new abilities. It also features several items, like super kamehameha and strike bomb .

The Ki gauge can also be used to use moves referred to as Blast 2 skills. Every character has a unique set of Blast 2 skills that allow the character to use special moves such as Ki blasts and physical attacks. Characters also have a self-recharging numeric gauge called Blast Stock that allows players to use techniques called Blast 1 skills. Blast 1 skills usually have a supportive effect such as allowing characters to regain health or immobilize the enemy. Players can also power up into a mode called Max Power Mode normally by building up their Ki beyond full at the cost of Blast Stock bars.

動作必備免費app推薦|Goku Ultimate Xenoverse Battle線上免付費app下載|3C達人阿輝的APP

Deliberative and Exciting action!

- Recommended for fans of vegeta, goku black,beerus sama (bills), zamasu, android 18,gohan broly and all z heroes .

Similar to the same mode in the Budokai series, the player can enter a World Tournament and try to win their way to the top. There are three levels of the basic tournament and a Cell mode. Since characters can fly, characters can leave the perimeter of the arena, but will be called for ringout if they touch the ground.

Easy to Play

- While waiting for taxi, at the restaurant or karaoke.

- On the trains, buses, airplanes and transit when travelling.

- While watching the ball of dragon series on tv .

- To refresh from driving a car for sightseeing with a map or getting tired from car navigation

- Z Battle Gate: progresses similar to the story modes in previous games.

- Ultimate Battle: This new mode pits whichever fighter the player chooses against 100 characters.

- World Tournament: the player can enter a world tournament and try to win their way to the top.

動作必備免費app推薦|Goku Ultimate Xenoverse Battle線上免付費app下載|3C達人阿輝的APP

The story mode of the series progresses similarly to the story modes in previous games. Players can select battles from different sagas and proceed through the story.

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